Would You Wear Kourtney Kardashian's Leopard Print Tights?

Kourtney KardashianThe Kardashian sisters certainly aren't shy when it comes to fashion --

But there are definitely times when their sense of style goes a leeettle bit over the top.

And I think this might be one of those times.

Kourtney Kardashian stepped out in New York recently wearing a romper, shooties, and eye-catching leopard print tights.

Any of these pieces by themselves would probably be okay. The romper might work with bare legs or black hose. The shooties would look better with black tights or under pants. And the leopard tights? Well, while I like them in theory, now that I see them on a person, I'm not so sure about them.

What do you think?


I would have thought leopard print tights could look really cute under a black dress, and I still think they'd work with boots.

But when I look at Kourtney and see that much leopard print leg, I shudder.

If you like it, it's easy to find a pair of leopard-print tights this season.

ASOSThese are available at ASOS for $13.97. At Forever 21, leopard print tights are even cheaper -- just $8.80.

Good thing they're so cheap -- I seriously doubt that this particular trend has legs.


What do you think? Would you wear a pair of leopard print tights? If so, what would you wear them with?


Images via Splash News and ASOS

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