Kate Middleton Can Tell the Queen 'Told You So!'


kate middletonI think somewhere in London Kate Middleton is dancing around in a pile of money and laughing her ass off right now. And she should, she was totally right about putting her wedding dress on display at Buckingham Palace. Her Alexander McQueen gown drew in more than 600,000 visitors over a 10-week period. Paying visitors, I might add, whose admissions fees totalled $16,241,400. Cha ching! Kate and her palace buddies are rolling in the deep over there.

But they're not keeping it -- the alleged 16 mill will go to charities. But that doesn't mean Kate can't play a little game of "I told you so" with Queen Elizabeth. Remember how she was all against the exhibit?

Because she really was. The Queen didn't want Kate's dress, shoes, tiara, and wedding cake replica to go on display. She called the idea "horrid" and "dreadful." I wonder if she's apologized to Kate and her wedding dress with a curtsy of regret after she learned how much moola the exhibit raked in. The Queen's benefiting from ticket sales too, you know.

Some of the money is going to the Royal Collection, which takes care of all their old shit like paintings, and treasures, and Queen Elizabeth's baby book. Stuff like that. The Collection needs funding like any preservation charity does and Kate's come through big time for them. What a way to ingratiate herself further into the family -- a fatty check never hurt anyone's feelings.

The rest of the money will go the charity that Kate and Will established as their wedding registry. Since they already had the Target-brand blender and stainless steel trash can that doesn't show fingerprints, they had asked guests and well-wishers to instead donate to a charity of the royal couple's choice.

As for Kate's magnificent dress, it's going into the back of some hermetically sealed closet only to be handled by breathless elves with lace hands. The Palace says it won't go on display again for years to come, but something tells me that if the Royal Collection fund starts declining, the Queen might send that dress over to New York for a little visit. Eh, Queen Mum? Ehhh??

Would you like to see Duchess Catherine's wedding dress in person?


Photo via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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kluka... kluka21227

Yes, I would.  BTW,  the Queen only objected to the fact that the mannequin did not have a head.  She thought it looked weird that the veil was hanging in midair.

nonmember avatar alix

The queen didn't object to the dress being put on display she just felt that the display itself was horrid in how the tiara and veil were suspended in mid-air making it look spooky. And she was right. She usually is.

AFwif... AFwifenmom97

I live in Italy and I wish I could have taken the 2 hour flight to London with my 7 and 9 year olds. We wanted to see it but scheduling wouldn't allow us.

winte... winterglow

Actually, the queen didn't object to the dress, etc. being exhibited. what she said was dreadful was the spectral way that it was displayed, headless...

nonmember avatar JaneD

Why is this story being portrayed with such inaccuracy. The Queen was making a joke about the dress and veil. Actually a mannequin would have been better.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

Why are the columnists on this site constantly misquoting and misconstruing the facts??? The Queen was NEVER against the exhibit, she just wasn't a fan of the display of the dress with a headless mannequin, which is totally understandable.

And I doubt Kate would do something as classless and disrespectful as telling the Queen "I told you so".

Melis... Melissa042807

The Queen was totally just making a joke about the exhibit. The old gal DOES have a sense of humor. 

I totally would have gone to see it. But I'm a touristy freak like that. 

elasmimi elasmimi

sure, but I wouldn't pay for the privilege.

ggp143 ggp143

I would love to see it!!! I LOVE all of this royal love stuff

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