5 Places You Should Never Wear High Heels (VIDEO)

heels on treadmillHigh heels are a girl's best friend. Except when they're not. Like when you're running on a treadmill, for example. Well, that's obvious, right?

Not to the woman in this video! I'm not entirely sure why she thought she could make heels on a treadmill work, but, shockingly, they didn't. Work, that is. (And don't feel bad if you crack up laughing when she goes flying! She brought that one on herself!)


I'm guessing her jogging in heels days are over. But just in case she's making more wildly impractical plans, I've compiled a handy checklist of four other times when it's an incredibly bad idea to wear heels:

  1. In a pumpkin patch. What's scarier for Halloween than sinking your Louboutins into a field of mud? The horror!
  2. At the playground. Good luck chasing your toddler across the wobbly bridge in stilettos!
  3. On a bicycle. Yeah, just don't even try it.
  4. In a water bed. Hey, sometimes shoes stay on at bedtime (especially if they're a sexy pair of heels). A gushing mattress would totally kill the mood.

Get ready to cringe ...

Did you ever commit a high heels fail like this one?

Image via fanphooey

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