Makeup on Women Does Make Them More Competent

makeup girlThere is rarely a time that I'll leave my house without a bit of makeup. Whether it be just a smudge or two of bronzer and blush or a swab of mascara, it's a ritual that makes me feel better and more confident in my appearance. And apparently, other people feel the same way about me as I do. Well, sort of.

In a new study, 25 women were given four different looks, ranging from natural (no makeup) to glamorous using varying intensities of makeup. When all was said and done, the fancy science types concluded that women wearing makeup come off more competent, attractive, likable, and trustworthy.

Go ahead, call me superficial if you want -- but they're totally right. Women do look better with makeup. But according to common sense the study, wear too much, and people will think you're a hooker. OK, my words -- not theirs. So wait, what's too much?


Now I'm not saying that women who wear no makeup aren't beautiful. Hell, I know my fair share of ladies who look drop-dead without a smidgen of lip gloss, even. But what I am saying is that it makes sense that women wearing makeup get a better reaction.

So here's the deal. Researchers found that women who sported the "professional" look, which really defined their eyes, evened out their skin tone, and included some lipstick and gloss, got the best reaction from their 100+ test subjects. Those rocking the glamorous look, which I'd consider a full-on nighttime face with smoky eye, were less likable. In layman's terms, it sounds like a little bit of makeup can go a long way ... but if you put too much on, people will think you're up to no good.

Think of it in this light: Women who wear a professional amount of makeup look cleaner and more put together, right? If I were to see a woman with her hair all over the place and bags under her eyes, I'd be much, much less inclined to ask her for advice on how to get from point A  to point B than a put-together businesswoman. The businesswoman looks more reliable and, thus, more approachable. But really, how much is too much?

For me, the perfect amount of makeup makes a woman look fresh-faced and alert. As Carmindy always says on What Not to Wear, the point of using cosmetics is to enhance your natural beauty with a "five-minute face." A little concealer here and there, a slab of blush, and a hint of eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss can really do the trick. If that five minutes will make people believe I'm more dependable, then I'd go all out and spend 10!

Do you think makeup makes women look more trustworthy?


Image via rickyqi/Flickr

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