Don’t Tell Lea Michele What She Should Wear

lea micheleLea Michele always looks gorgeous on the red carpet. Her sleek hair, her classy jewelry, her unbelievable dresses. Flawless. You'd think every single aspect of her looks is always meticulously planned by a team of experts, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Sort of. See, Lea doesn't like to be told what to wear.

Before her first-ever Golden Globes appearance, Lea was given strict instructions by Glee creator Ryan Murphy to "not wear black." She told "Ryan Murphy had told me, 'Don't wear black. You should never wear black.' So my stylist pulled floral, beautiful colors. As I'm walking to the bathroom to try them on, I see the Oscar [de la Renta] dress hanging up in her closet. I said, 'I'm wearing that.' And I called Ryan and said, 'Ryan, I'm wearing black!'"

And wear black she did. And guess what? She killed it. Joke's on you, Murphy!


I'm not 100 percent sure why Murphy didn't want Lea wearing black -- my guess is because it's a little morbid, not youthful enough -- but, dude, one can never go wrong in black. Ever. Also, I think Lea demonstrated a valuable lesson in style here: Always go with your gut. Sure, this is applicable to life in general too, but, different post.

In my experience, I am the person who knows what looks best on me -- be it clothes, hair, or makeup. I don't claim to be the most well-versed person in these subjects, but I know what I feel comfortable in and, more importantly, what I don't.

There's nothing worse than being strong-armed into wearing something you're not really feeling or cutting your hair in a way you're not so sure about. Sure, I sometimes feel lame, asking for the same thing over and over and over again at the salon, but the few times I've given in to "trying something new," I've been damn near miserable until my trendy coif has grown out.

So, I applaud Lea's ability to stick to her guns. Not so sure I would have been able to do the same if I were in her situation. The salon is one thing, Ryan Murphy's another.

Do you ever feel pressure to change your look?


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