'Rachel Zoe Project' Recap: Major Stressing While Dressing Anne Hathaway

Rachel Zoe The big disappointment on tonight's episode of The Rachel Zoe Project was that there was no extra footage of Anne Hathaway to be seen as Rachel dressed her for her gig co-hosting the Oscars with James Franco. I always love when we get to see the stars come to Rachel's office to try things on, and she calls them friendly little nicknames like "Annie." We did, however, get to see close-ups of the amazing gowns Anne wore during the Oscars.

From vintage Valentino couture from the archives to the Tom Ford shattered glass dress, they were "sick," "everything," and flat-out "bananas" ... though I haven't heard Rachel use that final catchphrase in awhile come to think of it. And while we know that Anne ended up rocking each one and looked stunning that night, tonight we found out that Rachel almost had a nervous breakdown making it happen along with everything else going on in her life at that time.


If only she'd put on a pair of flats, I think her stress level would have come down at least a little. Walking around in those sky high heels while sicker than a dog and never taking even a couple of minutes to rest isn't good for anyone -- much less someone who is 34 weeks pregnant. Rodger even called Rachel's sister Pam to fly out for an emergency intervention of sorts, which didn't really work.

But dressing Anne Hathaway for the Oscars is pretty major, and it's easy to see why she wanted to give the gig everything she had. And give it she did. But watching her so stressed out was stressful. She keeps saying "baby first," but as of yet, we haven't really seen the actions to back that up much. 

Due to the filming lag, we know everything turned out great, and she delivered her beautiful son, Skylar, just fine. So perhaps it's good she never slowed down (or let her feet know what true comfort really is) during her pregnancy, because it doesn't seem like she's slowed down at all since his birth either -- she just takes him along with her. Just last week, she and Rodger were seen with him in tow at Paris Fashion Week. At least he was prepped for the stress from the womb.

Hopefully, we'll see that in the remaining weeks of her pregnancy, she did slow down at least a little (or maybe wear at least one pair of flats), but I'm not banking on it. What I am banking on is that next season is going to be the best yet, because I can't wait to watch how having a baby is going to affect her world, and I'm dying to see his sick baby wardrobe.

Which was your favorite look Anne Hathaway wore during the Oscars? Do you think having a baby will add to Rachel Zoe's stress or make her let things go more?

Image via Bravo

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