Woman's Botched Breast Job Leaves Her With Uni-Boob

uni-boobUnfortunately there's a lot of bad plastic surgery out there. Spend an hour watching Bravo TV and you'll see your fair share of face-lifts gone wrong and lip injections gone wild. Celebs aren't immune to plastic surgery hack jobs (even though they have the money and the connections) and neither are we regular folk, like Dinora Rodriguez. She's a 40-year-old woman from Los Angeles who knows all too well what a bad surgeon is capable of. She went in for a boob job with two breasts and emerged with one. She's got a uni-boob.


It's terrible -- her breasts are connected in the center and the experience has been excruciating for Dinora, figuratively and literally. She's been in a lot of pain and slipped into a deep depression because of her botched boob job, and I can't blame her. I'd be just as upset if something like that happened to me.

But Dinora made a bad decision when she went to a non-certified plastic surgeon to have her leaky breast implants removed and new ones put it. That is not to say whatsoever that she deserved what she got, not at all, but officials say that unfortunately, this happens more than we think. Doctors see plastic surgery procedures as a way to make extra money, and will say they are qualified to perform them even though they're not. A GI doctor shouldn't be giving nose jobs and ob/gyns shouldn't be doing boob jobs, or knee surgery, for that matter. Dinora's case launched a safety campaign about patients knowing who's behind the knife.

I feel for this woman, how could you not? She's in pain and her boobs are stuck together. Unfortunately her story is just a reminder that whatever is too good to be true out there probably is. If you think you found Ugg boots for $25, you probably didn't. You found knock-offs made in China with the fur they've skinned off live dogs. If you think you've found a plastic surgeon who charges half the price of everyone else ... maybe think again.

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