The Secret to Kate Middleton's Gorgeous Hair

kate middletonThere are a million reasons to be jealous of Kate Middleton -- she's tall, she's thin, she's gorgeous, the whole married-to-a-prince thing -- but I would have to say that the one thing I covet most about Duchess Catherine is her hair.

It's so shiny and bouncy and healthy. There's never a single strand out of place -- and there are no (not one!) extensions in that mane. It's not fair. Why does she get everything?

Well, turns out those luscious locks are not just the product of good genes and a fancy set of hot rollers. They're the product of hair dye -- and time in the salon. Like, a lot of time. Like, more time than you or I have ever spent in a salon.


Word on the street is the 29-year-old goes in for a "long" hair appointment every eight weeks or so at the Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa in London's Chelsea neighborhood. Long means she's there for around four hours at a time, where she has a series of services, including getting her hair colored with an organic vegetable-based hair dye.

She also has shorter appointments in between, where she gets trims and "other treatments." For that, her stylist comes to her, though. You don't expect the future Queen of England to leave her house for an hour-long appointment, do you?

Mom Carol and sister Pippa also use the salon's services. James Pryce, one of the salon's stylists, is actually the man responsible for creating both Kate and Pippa's hair for the royal wedding. His colleague and owner of the salon, Richard, has offered some advice to us non-royals in the past on how to get Duchess-esque locks. He said, "Anyone with long hair should have it trimmed regularly. Also get a deep conditioning treatment every six weeks or so to keep it healthy. I like our Richard Ward Couture Hair Silk Protein Masque."

Okay, good advice, but it still won't give me Kate Middleton hair, eh? Seems like you need to have an insane amount of time -- and cash -- for that. Neither of which I have right now. But when I do, you better watch your back, Duchess. There's gonna be two blindingly shiny manes in the world.

How often do you get your hair cut?

Image via Brendon Thorne/Getty

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