Pippa Middleton Is Red Hot No Matter How Much Skin She Shows

pippa middleton in red satin temperley dressFor months after she made her international debut as the royal bride's sister, Pippa Middleton could do no wrong. Everyone was immediately obsessed with her, her love life, her workout regimen, and of course, her butt. But the initial "hey shiny object!" reaction seems to be wearing off, and people are getting a bit testy about her every little misstep. Like, okay, she had what could barely be classified as an almost-"wardrobe malfunction" last month at London Fashion Week. Tongues clucked. Now, she's getting grief for a gorgeous red satin Temperley gown she rocked this past weekend at the Boodles Boxing Ball charity event (I'm not sure what that is, but it sounds like a load of Brit fun!).

Despite the fact that the dress is totally on-trend (other big names like Geri Halliwell and Prince William's ex Jecca Craig wore very similar versions to the same event), the dress had a neckline that was a bit too "plunging" for some fashion critics' tastes.


They're also arguing that as the Duchess's sister, she didn't have to make such a "bold" fashion statement. Pfft. Come on, really??

First of all, she may be an in-law of the royal family, but she's not Kate, she's not Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. In other words, she's in the public eye, but she's not a politician or princess -- there's no mandate for her to appear super-demure, prim, and proper 24/7/365. Furthermore, that dress was by no means too revealing or too bold. If anything, it's old Hollywood glamorous! And Pippa worked it like an Oscar-nominated star on the red carpet.

The truth is, she can STILL do no wrong. The media needs to stop trying to catch her committing some horrid fashion faux pas, because she hasn't yet, and I highly doubt she will! Plus, if anyone should defy the media's need to put celebs up on a pedestal before knocking them down, it would be Pippa. (And yes, hopefully her sister, too!)

What do you think about this red dress? Too revealing?


Image via Tony Clark/Splash News

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