5 Truly Tacky Halloween Costumes

Snooki CostumeI know you're so tempted to dress up as Snooki for Halloween this year, but take my advice.


Not only is this a tacky costume (I mean, isn't that the point?), but the fact is that EVERYONE will be going as Snooki this year.

You'll just be one Snooki in a sea of thousands of other Snookis.

But if you think the Snooki costume is bad, trust me ...

You ain't seen nothing yet.

I'll show you a few of the tackiest costumes for sale this Halloween season ...

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Penthouse PetI seriously can't imagine a woman wearing this Penthouse Pet costume (BuyCostumes, $29.99), because ... AWKWARD. If a man wore it, on the other hand, it would be HILARIOUS.

Womb RaiderThis Womb Raider costume (Ricky's, $29.99) includes a "sling with eight small plastic babies." And the costume isn't included. WTH??? I'm pretty sure you'll flat-out end conversations in this get-up.


Buy Sexy Halloween CostumeWhat's creepier than a clown costume? A SEXY clown costume (BuySexyHalloweenCostume.net, $50). *shudder* This is one of those photos that will haunt my dreams for the next five years.


Casey Anthony CostumeSpeaking of creepy, check out this Casey Anthony mask. I don't know the story behind this mask, and frankly, I don't WANT to know it. Just don't dress up as Casey Anthony for Halloween, mkay? Even if you do have $999,900 to spend on the mask ...

What's the tackiest Halloween costume you've ever seen?

Images (top to bottom): BuyCostumes, BuyCostumes, Ricky's, BuySexyHalloweenCostume.net, CaseyAnthonysCostume.com


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