Kendall Jenner Isn’t Too Young to Wear Sexy ‘Bondage’ Heels

kendall jennerKendall Jenner, the second youngest of the Kardashian x Jenner family, is making a name for herself. I find her completely lovable and totally down-to-earth on the fam's reality show, but the 15-year-old is under a lot of pressure these days from critics who think she looks too sexy for her age. Kendall's gotten attention recently for twit pics she's shared of her latest photo shoot for Lovecat Magazine.

While the name of the magazine might be in poor taste, Kendall's photos aren't. Yes, she's wearing bondage heels and smizing sexily into the camera, but it's nothing more than what a regular young teen model would do. She's modeling the heels. I think she looks amazing.


She's totally covered up; the only body parts exposed besides her head are her arm and mid-calf, and she looks like a pro. A pro model. Which she is. And as anyone who's followed fashion will tell you, this is almost conservative compared to what other models are doing. Not that that makes it right, but it's important to put Kendall's photos into context. Back when model Lindsey Wixson was 15, she was modeling spread eagle for Miu Miu. And now that Lindsey's turning 18 in April and is currently one of the most desirable models, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her, if you know what I mean.

Young models take sexy photos; there's nothing new about that. Kendall's now found herself in that position, and as long as she's comfortable and her parents are too, I think she'll be just fine. I'd venture to guess she's learned a thing or two from big sister Kim's sex-tape fiasco and knows the value of privacy. If Kendall, who turns 16 next month, has paid attention at all to what her sisters and their friends have gone through once nude photos got out, I think she's seen that it's best to keep the clothes on, no matter what a photographer or boyfriend says.

As long as momager Kris doesn't push Kendall too far (that would never happen though, not with good ol' Bruce around), Kendall's going to hone her modeling skills at a young age and grow up to be a beautiful Kardashian/Jenner just like the rest of 'em. But with less naked photos. Hopefully.

Do you think Kendall's photos are inappropriate for a model her age?


Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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