Sheer Cover Powder Foundation: I'M LOVING IT!

Sheer CoverI'm so excited to tell you about my newest makeup find.

Randomly, I received a sample package of Sheer Cover in the mail -- It's a mail-order makeup kit promoted by Leeza Gibbons, and it's the kind of thing I would never, ever order in a million years if I'd seen a commercial for it.

After all, I really like to try my makeup BEFORE I buy it.

However, since I had the sample on hand, I tried it out the other day.

You won't believe the results.


My sample kit came with primer, two tones of concealer, two shades of foundation powder, and a mixing brush. The idea was that I could mix the powders together to find my ideal shade in an empty compact that was provided.

I put it all on ... and I've been using it ever since! I actually like the primer BETTER than my expensive M.A.C. Prep + Prime. I LOVE the concealer- a little goes a long way and since it comes in a light tone and a darker tone, I can keep it from looking too light under my eyes or too dark on my blemishes. Most of all, though, I LOVE the foundation powder. It goes on as light as a powder and leaves my skin looking flawless and shine-free.

I've been using M.A.C. StudioFix foundation powder for years and have sworn by it. Shockingly, I'm liking the Sheer Cover even more.

I got online today to order more, preparing to wince at the pricetag. Shockingly, a Sheer Cover makeup kit is only $29.95 -- and here's what you get for that price:

  • Mineral Foundation
    (in 2 Blendable Shades)
  • Duo Concealer
  • Base Perfector Primer
  • Bronzing Tan Minerals
  • Extra Length Mineral Mascara
  • Plus 3 Free Gifts

  • Ultimate Makeover Kit
  • Studio Foundation Brush
  • Studio Concealing Brush

Ummmm. YES!!!

That's the SAME amount I was paying for ONE StudioFix compact every few months.

I'm so excited!

I would like to be able to pick and choose what I order, but at this price I'm happy to take it all. And if you're wondering how to match it to your skin tone, it comes in light, medium, and dark- and you're able to mix two powder shades to find your match. I found that the powder was so sheer, it looked natural in any combination. The only downside is that the powder is loose and a little messy- but that's a price I'm willing to pay for great-looking skin.

Have you tried Sheer Cover? Do you want to?


Image via Sheer Cover

*I received a sample of Sheer Cover, but was not asked to write about it. My opinions are my own.

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