'Project Runway' Recap: Anya Lucks Out by Losing

Anya Ayoung CheeTonight Project Runway took the contestants back to the '70s again, but this week, it was the sophisticated side of the era the judges wanted to see. So with $100 and the promise of the winning design being produced and sold on Piperlime.com, the contestants set out for Mood.

Then amidst all the hustle and bustle, we saw another Project Runway first -- Anya Ayoung-Chee lost her money. Store employees and fellow contestants helped her search for it to no avail, and she was left broke. Her only option was to collect leftover change from the others -- she got $11.50 in all -- and use plain old muslin at Parsons (which she compared to corn flakes -- bland). She was completely devastated.


That stroke of bad luck, however, turned out to be a pretty big boost for her as she managed to scrap together a fabulous outfit that showcased just how adaptable she is and able to "make it work." She also had a second chance to impress, as contestants were thrown a twist and asked to create a second, one-piece outfit and given $50 to do so. This time Anya pinned the money to her shirt.

The judges loved both of Anya's looks, and that plus her ability to overcome adversity sealed the win for her. Bert Keeter was a close second (and my favorite) with his gorgeous flowing top (major booty shorts aside) and simple but gorgeous dress. I think had Anya not lost her money, he would have been the winner. The judges also really liked Viktor Luna's looks, though I found them pretty boring. Plus, he was the only one who wasn't willing to help Anya, so I wasn't feeling a lot of love for him, period.

As for the bad, they were really bad. The judges ripped apart Laura Kathleen's looks without hesitation. I hated the black and white shirt and printed skirt too -- they just didn't match. But I didn't think the other dress was that bad. They just seem to have no love for her personally at all. They also really hated Joshua McKinley's creations, and deservedly so when it came to those hideous pants. Olivia Palermo was spot on when she said the girl who wore them wouldn't be getting laid ... and that was when you saw them on a model. They were just bad.

Not as bad as the creations of Anthony Ryan Auld, however, according to the judges. They tore both of his looks apart with comments like, "They look like two boring girls that are part of a cult." Ouch, and home he went.

And then there were six ...

Did you think the judges sent home the right person this week? Were you surprised that Anya won after losing her money?

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