Kate Moss Jewelry Line Has Weirdest Inspiration (PHOTOS)

kate mossIn my eyes, Kate Moss can do no wrong. She will forever be the Queen of Cool in my book, what with her just-came-from-a-shag hair, endless supply of leather pants, and super cool indie rocker of a husband.

Her short-lived collection for Topshop? Oof, I was all over that. The stuff I could afford, at least, which wasn't much. Every piece in the collection was flawless and looked like something the supermodel herself would genuinely wear.

So, when I heard that she was coming out with a jewelry line, my heart swelled with glee. "Yes," I thought. "Another piece of Ms. Moss to put in my closet." But then I saw the line. And then I heard what Kate designed the line after.


The supermodel lent her keen eye to the jewelry house Fred and designed a few baubles (22, to be exact) after ... her tattoos -- which, in case you're not up on the latest Kate/tattoo info, feature a crescent moon, an anchor, a star, and a heart, to name a few. The gold and precious stone jewels are going for anywhere from $477 to around $48,000. And, yeah, they're just not that cute. Check out a few samples.

kat moss necklaceI like the idea of an anchor necklace -- and, actually, an anchor tattoo -- but I'm really not feeling this necklace. It's a little too clunky-looking, and I know it's real and all, but, to me, it sort of looks cheap(ish).

kate moss ring

This one's a little more attractive to me, despite the fact that I loathe the color pink. Still, not something I'd expect to see coming from Ms. Moss. I'd expect something a little more edgy, a little more funky. She's better than this ... don't you think?

Do you like Kate Moss's jewelry line?


Image via FLA PESSOA/Flickr, Fred

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