Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Afraid of Showing Her Bra


jennifer anistonI think Jennifer Aniston has a thing for see-through clothes, and yeah, I'll go ahead and say that I love that about her. She's got a killer bod and a little game of peek-a-boo never hurt anyone. Except when it did. Anyway, Aniston was spotted this week running errands in jeans, a white tank top, and a black bra. And you know what happens when you wear white over black? Yup! It's see-through. Yahoo!

And at risk of sounding 100 percent trashtastic, allow me to say that I love the look. It's dangerous yet safe. It's sexy yet conservative. It's kinda like seeing your boobs, and kinda like not seeing your boobs. Jen plays peek-a-boo better than anyone I know (remember that sheer skirt?) and I hope she keeps on keeping on.

However, I do have one question. Is Jennifer Aniston's battery dead?

Because girl left her headlights on. Am I right? Her nips are so hard they could cut glass. Not that I think it's a bad thing, I guess I just like pointing out the obvious. I think Jen likes a hard nipple look just as much as she likes the see-through look because this is certainly not the first time we've seem them at full salute. There even are rumors that she wears fake paste-on nips to get the effect. Just saying.

Anywhoosle, this is the second time this week we've seen Jen's bra ... at the Five premiere she showed us her black lacy one. Clearly, she's on a roll. I would totally wear this (if I ever had anywhere fun to go) and think that Jen's a great ambassador to the see-through clothing loving community.

You know I'd vote her mayor if I could. We could have town meetings to talk about whether or not it's appropriate to match your bra, which everyone will see, to your pants. Discuss.

Do you like the see-through look?


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Alain... Alainalynn

Haha!! Funny Post!!

dirti... dirtiekittie

i think that if it's pulled off with some class (a la jenn here) it's a do. the problem is that most gals who do try this look are not as tactful at it.

and i just want to say - i don't know about the pasty thing. because i've worked with a woman for YEARS who *always* has her headlights on. and i know for a fact that they are not pasty or anything meant for that look, that's just how her body is. personally, i don't care for the 'ooh i'm cold - look at my nipples!" look. i think that's less tasteful than the white tank / black bra.

ArmyGal ArmyGal

Gross imo. But it's no surprise JA is oh so very tasteful with hers. Uh huh.

cocob... cocobeannns

I would never wear a white shirt over a black bra. Never.

nonmember avatar Jen

i have long since contemplated the black bra with a white top. is it trendy or trashy? i think i really like the look, but i don't want to be labelled a tart. thumbs up to JA though.

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

I think it's tasteless. Leave something to the imagination.

nonmember avatar Kristi

What is there to leave to the imagination? That she wears a bra? GASP, turns out she does!! Seriously, it's a bra, get over it. As far as her nipples being hard, it happens, again, she has nipples, learn to deal with it.

JaneE... JaneEyre27

I see her nipples more often than I see my own.  It's fucking ridiculous.

AngiDas AngiDas

As I understand it,Jenn's nipples have always been an issues. They did a behind the scenes of FRIENDS and they said it was an issues during filming. Maybe her body is just very sensitive. 

nonmember avatar Mike M

Regarding her nipples, as a guy I want to say that all men are familiar with the anatomy of the female body and I'm very sure that almost no men (if any) are grossed out by the hint of nipples. With that said, I do wish that more women weren't so grossed out by their own body (or other women's bodies - see the negativity expressed towards breastfeeding moms by intolerant women, for example) and didn't feel the need to hide their own nipples as there's nothing wrong with nipples. And not hiding one's own nipples (or bra) also lets men see that a woman is not ashamed of her own body - and self-confidence is one of the main things (for me at least) that makes a woman beautiful.

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