Magnetic Nail Polish Is Impossible to Resist (VIDEO)

nails inc magnetic polishThere's nothing I love more than a good at-home manicure. Within the last year or so, I've developed a bit of a bad good habit of splurging on a new bottle of nail polish every few weeks. And like ladies everywhere, I'm partial to any and all shades from Essie and OPI. Just recently, though, I discovered this gem of a brand from across the pond called Nails Inc., and what they're doing with the same old polish is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Ready for it? They've created magnetic nail polish

No no no, your fingers won't automatically attract that hunkier younger guy at the gym, but this uber-cool finish could help, especially if he's wearing metal. Because this kind of nail polish, say its creators, is made with metallic particles and uses an actual magnet on the bottle cap to create wild, "magnetic" 3-D nail art.


The bottles sell for $16 each ($30 for the pack) and come in three sweet colorsHouse of ParliamentTrafalgar Square, and Big Ben.

Trust me, you've got to see how this works in this video from Sephora:

The polish, which Nails Inc. says is made with magnetic metal particles in the top coat, is applied last and then the magnet in the bottle top is held over the nails without touching them. A few seconds later ... and voilà. Stripes and other patterns magically appear on the nails. Bewitching!

Can you imagine what it would be like to actually have magnetic nails?! I mean seriously, real gold and silver rings and bracelets would just "accidentally" attach to you as you walked through the mall! And all you could say is, "Sorry, I wasn't shoplifting, it's my nails!" Or even better, your phone could ACTUALLY be attached to your hand. No more excuses needed during that meeting at the office when you'd rather be playing Words With Friends than paying attention to your boss.

I don't know if you agree, but I think the artsy effect of the polish looks so chic. A fun-to-apply nail product like this reminds me of OPI's shatter line, but let's be real: The British Nails Inc. one looks much better. I definitely could not make my nails have the same wavy psychedelic finish on my own.

One problem? If I do go out and buy this, klutzy me will have to be careful around other magnetic fields -- the ones in horseshoes, steel drums, credit card strips, that sort of thing -- when my fingers are shining with a freshly painted top coat. Otherwise, my nails will look like my 3-year-old neighbor did them.

Would you ever buy or wear nail polish that's magnetic?

Image via Sephora

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