Sofia Vergara Line Helps Sexy It Up at the Grocery Store

Sofia Vergara Kmart
Sofia Vergara
What woman alive doesn't want to look like the funny, gorgeous Modern Family star Sofia Vergara? Even just for a night. Or heck, for just a morning -- at home in your own mirror. Or hey, the next time you visit the grocery store! That's right, eat your heart out, cute cashier dude.

Well, Sofia herself swears it's possible with her new Sofia by Sofia Vergara collection at Kmart. And I pretty much believe everything Sofia Vergara says because she's so positive and real and confident. Even in the commercial for the line, which very awesomely shows women in several shapes and sizes, she urges us to work with what we've got and "be proud!" and "be sexy!" Yes, ma'am!

Let's take a look at the Sofia by Sofia Vergara collection!


About her collection, Sofia says:

"I think every woman wants to be cute and even if you’re going to the supermarket -- why wear just a plain white t-shirt when you can wear something fancy or something with the same material and for the same prices?"

So what do you think? Would you wear these items to the grocery store? I'm pretty sure I might. Because, like I said, Sofia Vergara makes me feel strangely like I can do whatever the hell I want to -- and in a draped blouse or dress.

Asymmetrical Shirred Tunic Sofia Vergara

Asymmetrical Shirred Tunic ($19.99)

Sofia Vergara jegging jeans

Jegging Jeans ($29.99)

Sofia Vergara Bat Wing Dress

Bat Wing Dress ($29.99)

Sofia Vergara zipper shoulder shift dress

Zipper-Shoulder Shift Dress ($36.99)

And look, I'm not the only one who's buying!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
jessetyler Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Apparently all my aunts & mom went out and bought something from this lady's KMart line this week, @SofiaVergara


What do you think of the Sofia Vergara collection from Kmart? Are you buying it?


Images via Kmart

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