Jessica Simpson's Loose Boho Style Doesn't Prove She's Pregnant

jessica simpsonI have a lot of love for Jessica Simpson, and every time the tabloids rip her for gaining weight or struggling in love, I root for her a little bit more. (Maybe it's because I think those challenges prove she's more like regular American women her age than lots of celebs.) Most recently, she's getting grief for rocking a rather loose-fitting, animal print top while on vacation in Mexico with fiance Eric Johnson and the Simpson crew. Must mean that she's pregnant?! Uhm ... no, not necessarily.

Hasn't anyone noticed that shirts like those she's been wearing are actually really in right now? Old Navy alone tried to sell me on their new "breezy blouses" about 14 times during the series premiere of Hart of Dixie last night. It's funny ... I've always wondered why the fashion industry doesn't try to cater to women's needs more, but in the case of these loose, flowy, baggy, or "tent-y" boho tops, they really hit the nail on the head.


So many of us are super-insecure about our tummies -- even if it isn't naturally on the rounder side, postpartum, or whatever. Plus, the way pants are designed, it seems like even slender women can't help but have a little bit of muffin top or slight "love handles" from time to time, which makes us feel anything but cute. Even if there's none of that, we might worried there is for various reasons -- we're having a "fat day," we're bloated, we just want to wear something loose and comfortable when it's hot outside or not have to worry about every little curve and line showing, etc. -- so wearing a fitted top isn't always ideal. That said, these "breezy blouses" are great go-tos for a lot of women. Likely Jess included!

Who knows why she was wearing that top or lots like it recently? It's fine, she looks comfortable and happy with Eric, and that's all that matters. And hey, if the real reason is that she's preggers, cool, good for her, and I'm sure she'll make it official HERSELF (ahem, InTouch!) in her own time.

What's your take on tops like the one Jess was wearing?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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