Kim Kardashian Needs to Stop Glamming It Up

kim kardashianWhen Kim Kardashian got married, her entire family went all out. Her mom wore a giant bow, her sisters wore mermaid gowns, and Kim donned not one, but three wedding dresses and a forehead necklace. In true Kardashian fashion, their style was way over the top. And now that Kim's married, she's not letting herself go. No no, Kim's still being Kim, wearing pounds of makeup and dressing to the nines for a casual Sunday afternoon of watching football at a bar in NYC.

She wore thigh-high Christian Louboutin black leather boots, black leggings, a blousy top, and hoop earrings as she chowed down on buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks at a dingy bar with hubby Kris.


Oh yeah. I've been to Tonic, this bar where Kim got glammed up to watch NFL games and eat junk food, and let me tell you: It's nothing fancy. In fact, it's kinda collegey. The last time I was there, I do believe a 21-year-old Penn State fan was throwing up on a bar stool. You get the picture. It's right across from Kim and Kris' new NYC pad at the Gansevoort Hotel on 29th and Park, which explains why they chose to go to Tonic, but didn't Kim realize that she was headed to a lame bar, and not to a photo shoot?

I without a doubt think that Kim's one of the most beautiful people on the planet, I really do. However, she needs to calm the eff down. Thigh-high multi-thousand-dollar stiletto boots should not be worn when one is going to eat food out of red plastic baskets and drink light beer by the gallon. Sorry! That's a fashion faux pas, not to mention a football faux pas.

I'm hoping that being married to Kris will loosen Kim up a bit so that she's able to leave the house in a casual, laid-back outfit. And if for some reason she thinks this is OK attire for a Sunday Funday, then I don't even know what to say.

I know Kris is with me -- remember on that episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where they're in Bora Bora and he tries to wipe all the makeup off Kim's face, and tells Kendall that her "sister wears too much makeup"? We all want Kim to just relax a bit and be confident in the skin she's in. Is that so wrong?

Do you think Kim over-dresses?


Photo via Splash News

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