Princess Beatrice Hat Makes Best Halloween Costume Ever

Princess Beatrice HatLooking for a Halloween costume that'll make you the center of attention?

You just can't beat the Princess Beatrice hat!

Surely you haven't forgotten this hat. When Princess Beatrice wore it to the royal wedding, it very nearly managed to upstage Kate Middleton herself!

You could say that the ridiculous hat actually made Princess Bea the paparazzi magnet she is today.

I see her in the tabloids all the time now, and before "The Hat," I barely even knew who she was.

Well now, ladies (and men!), it's your time to shine ... just in time for Halloween!

Yes, friends. A replica of Princess Beatrice's hat is now available for the incredible price of ...



Not bad, eh?

It's the work of Headline Costumes, a small online costume company that consists of just three people.


And the blurb written to sell the hat is hilarious:

On April 29, 2011 the world changed forver. Princess Beatrice went from "That Weight Watcher Lady's Daughter" to "That Girl with the Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hat." To think, that one little hat changed what's her name's life forever ...


I personally think this is a great idea for a costume. You don't even really need to worry about the rest of the outfit because who the hell even remembers what else Princess Beatrice was wearing at the Royal Wedding? It was all about the HAT, bay bay.

I'm tempted to steal this idea for myself. If I could convince my husband to wear a matching one ... now that would be truly HILARIOUS.

What do you think? Would you wear the Princess Beatrice hat for Halloween?


Image via Headline Costumes

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