The Worst Question You Can Ask a Woman

Macy'sIs she or isn't she?On my personal blog today, I wrote about my recent experience being asked what must be one of the top five WORST QUESTIONS A WOMAN COULD POSSIBLY BE ASKED:

"Are you pregnant?"

As mortifying as that question was, I knew even in my livid state that it had a lot to do with what I was wearing: an empire waist dress. WHICH I BURNED AFTERWARD.

As much as I love the empire waist (no sucking in required!), it wasn't lost on me that it's a style favored by ... pregnant women.

And this leads me to an obvious question.

Should empire waists be banned outside of maternity shops?


I have more evidence supporting my proposed possible ban on empire waist tops and dresses.


The time was 2007. The place, Chicago. In a deli. Coincidentally, right AFTER I had finally lost all my baby weight from my son.

The man handing me my sandwich looked down at my midriff and said kindly, "Got a little one on the way?"

I threw that sandwich in his face!

Actually, I just wanted to.

But guess what I was wearing?


You'd think I would have learned my lesson about the empire waist after that incident, but no. The empire waist continued to lure me with its promises of belly freedom. In fact, right now all my summer running-around dresses have empire waists.

But I have to admit that when I looked up empire waist tops and dresses, it was true. Even the size zero models wearing them looked like they just might possibly be ...

... pregnant.

This sucks.

So let's put it to a vote, ladies:

Should we be wearing empire waist anything if we're not with child? What do you think?


Image via Macy's

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