Would You Watch 'Modelland: The Movie?'

Tyra BanksWhen I gave you a sneak peak at the first chapter of Tyra Banks' first YA novel, Modelland, last month, many of you were less than enthused.

I think it made me throw up in my mouth a little," one blog reader sniped. "There is NO chance I'd ever buy this book, especially if it is anything like the first few paragraphs - yikes!"

Well, as usual, it looks like media tycooon Tyra is going to have the last laugh.

This book may be coming soon to a movie theater near you.


Yes, Tyra is reportedly planning on turning Modelland into a movie.

"I would love to open up the 'Modelland' casting to the world," she told the Associated Press. "I'm looking for an Everygirl to possibly play one of the characters in the story."

Tyra told the AP she was approached by a major Hollywood producer shortly after announcing plans to publish the book.

I wonder how that Hollywood producer felt about the book after actually reading it...

But even if that potential offer falls through, Tyra's currently enrolled at Harvard Business School, and says she'd love to make movies herself one day.

(Aside: When does this woman SLEEP?)

I'll be honest: Tyra's over-the-top personality tends to grate on my nerves, and I say that as a very loyal watcher of her show, America's Next Top Model. But I can't help but admire her ambition and business sense. She must be the hardest working celebrity out there, and it shows.

If Modelland is made into a movie, I'll probably watch it. If the book is any indication, it has definite so-bad-it's-good potential (like Striptease, Co-ed Call Girl, and Glitter, for example) and those kinds of movies are always fun to watch.

Would you watch Modelland: The Movie?

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