Have High Heels Destroyed Sarah Jessica Parker's Feet?

Sarah Jessica ParkerWhenever I post a photo of very high heels on this blog, I always seem to get a bunch of comments from women swearing that they'd NEVER wear high heels.

Heels are extremely damaging to women's feet, they say, not to mention dangerous.

Well as it turns out, you guys may be right.

Close-up photos have emerged of the feet of Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the world's biggest proponents of stilettos, and let me tell you girls ...

It's not pretty.

Click through to see the damaging evidence and tell me what you think!


London's Daily Mail caught sight of poor SJP's feet and provided us with a close-up look at the damage that's been done, ostensibly by years and years of stiletto-wearing.

Take a look at the photos here. OUCH.

The newspaper credits the actress with telling an interviewer this back in 2008:  "I’ve basically just destroyed my feet. So they feel nothing. I have no feeling in my feet."

You know, honestly that wouldn't be so bad. I would wear so many pairs of fierce shoes in my closet much more often if it weren't for the fact that my feet hurt after about five minutes of wearing them.

Sarah's veins, however, are another story.

I feel sorry for Sarah, looking at that photo. She's a beautiful woman, and I imagine that the condition of her feet are distressing to her, particularly since she loves fancy shoes so much.

Perhaps we should take up a collection for a pair of these and send them to her to aid in her recovery.

What do you think of this situation? Does it scare you off wearing heels too often?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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