In Your Daily Routine, Less Is More

shower headThere's something to be said for the old adage that less is more. Even though there are thousands of fancy products on the market that promise to make you look 10 years younger, it seems to me that they're all just a bunch of chemicals packaged in pretty bottles that will do more harm than good. I'm borderline obsessed with skincare, so I've tried it all -- my bathroom cabinet is chock-full of creams, serums, and, yeah, I've got a mechanical exfoliator or two in there -- but I find the things that make my skin the happiest are the bare minimum, tried and true basics.


Like warm water and natural soap. It's kinda frustrating because I want to believe that the more money I spend, the better I'm doing by my skin, but it's just not the case. My skin looks healthiest and happiest when I leave it alone. And I really mean "leave it alone" -- sometimes I don't even wash my face. I just sort of rinse it with water in the shower. Of course if I have makeup on, I'll use soap, but when I'm au naturel, just water does the trick.

The less is more skincare philosophy has worked for my mom -- she's kept it really simple for decades, and the payoffs have been enormous. She could say she's 15 years younger than she is and no one will bat an eye. That woman hasn't used an anti-wrinkle cream in her entire life. Part of that is genetics of course, but part of that is her uncomplicated beauty routine.

Hopefully she's passed down some of those great genes to me, but I'm taking a cue from her no-frills skincare habits to make sure I keep my face looking fresh and youthful. Gentle soap and water: It's simple, it's cheap, it's healthy, and it works. Less totally is more.

What's your skincare routine?


Photo via kritkit/Flickr

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