Lady Gaga's Sister Won't Design Clothes With Her

lady gagaIf there's one thing Lady Gaga knows how to do, it's perform. If there's another, she knows how to get publicity. Although there were rumors that she and 19-year-old sister Natali were creating a fashion line together, it's not true. In fact, fashion design student Natali says she doesn't really want to style and work with her famous sister -- handling all of Gaga's kinda clothes seems like a nightmare to her. (Hear that, Nat. Amen.)

Everyone knows that working with your sister can be one of the most difficult things on the planet, so Natali's smart to do her own thing. And Gaga's smart for talking Natali up in the press nonstop.


Gaga knows that controversy is good for a career, which is probably why one minute she and her sister are lovey-dovey fashion phenoms working together on a great new line, and the next they're not working together at all. Sounds like someone knows how to make their sister a star, hmmm?

Natali has the fashion chops, and soon the fashion degree, to make a real name for herself. She's currently working on set designs for off-Broadway shows, and with her talent and, let's be honest, connections, she's going to have an illustrious career.

I can see it now: In five years or so, Natali will have her own show on Bravo, The Natali Germanotta Project, where you know she will be in charge of making absurd outfits for exclusive clients. Gaga will certainly guest star on an episode or three, and there will be a tiff before a commercial break, leaving us hanging as to whether or not Gaga will approve of what Natali's designed for Gaga's tour.

Lady Gaga's relationship with fashion may be all over the place, but her bond with her sister is anything but. While they're not collaborating on a new line any time soon, she's done a lot to get sissy's name out there. After all, what are older sisters for?

Do you think Gaga and Natali will work together in fashion?


Photo via PlumeDeCheval/Flickr

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