Lauren Conrad Can Do This Better Than Kim Kardashian

lauren conrad
Lauren Conrad in her Kohl's collection
Think of a female celebrity, any female celebrity. Okay, who did you think of? Beyonce? Jennifer Lopez? Kim Kardashian? Now I want you to think about what these -- and many other famous women -- have in common. Aside from being stupid rich. Yes! They all have fashion lines!

These days, clothing lines and perfumes are the new small dogs in Hollywood. If you don't have one, you're, like, totally in the minority. So one would think if you don't already have either of these -- and you're not a huge star -- what's the point, right? I mean, the market is completely saturated. Who's going to care about you?

Well, that's what I thought, at least. But then I saw Lauren Conrad's Kohl's line.


It's cute! Like, legitimately cute. Now, LC isn't exactly a total newbie at the whole clothing game -- she's got her Paper Crown line, which is also super cute -- but she is new to the whole affordable clothing game. (Her Paper Crown line is way more expensive.) And I've gotta say, her latest venture is a success. Jennifer Lopez's recent Kohl's collection? Eh, not so much. It was kind of disappointing. But LC by Lauren Conrad has a little bit of everything -- pleated skirts, blazers, really cute penny loafer platform pumps that I'm eyeballing. I'm impressed.

So, this got me thinking. Maybe someone like Lauren Conrad, a famous but not uber-famous woman, actually is the perfect person to come out with a line. Because not only does she know fashion well since she's around it all the time, she actually has the time. You think Beyonce's or Kim K's number one career priority is their fashion brands? Hell no, it isn't. Sure, it's important to them, but it's just another blip on their incredibly packed radar.

Lauren recently announced that her next endeavor is actually going to be a beauty line. A beauty line, eh? If I hadn't seen the Kohl's collection, I'll admit, I would've been skeptical. But now, I'm all ears.

Do you like Lauren Conrad's clothing line? Would you buy her beauty products?


Image via Kohl's

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