'Project Runway' Recap: When It's Time to Rock, Heads Will Roll!

project runway final eightOh, MAN ... literally! This week, the remaining eight designers were faced with the challenge they thought they'd have to contend with last week but got out of: Designing menswear. But not just any menswear ... this week was all about rock 'n' roll chic, as we learned when Tim introduced the final eight to the up-and-coming '70-ish rock band from Canada called The Sheepdogs, who were chosen to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. The challenge: Create an image-conscious, stage-appropriate look for each one of the four MALE (dun dun daaah) members of the band.

They'd do this in two teams of four -- Team Harmony vs. Team Untitled. Wuh-oh!


As we know by now, the designers don't do very well in these big teams, but they breathed a sigh of relief when they learned the teams would be more for organizational purposes (so there would be two designers for each band member, making for two different "sets" of outfits for the band), and each designer would be judged individually.

There was also another twist: For the first time in PR history, the "models" -- or Sheepdogs, in this case -- would be performing, as opposed to walking, on the runway in their new designs. Very cool! But when faced with such a cool challenge, several of the designers definitely couldn't keep their cool.

Kimberley, Anya, and Olivier "crashed and burned," but at least it made sense why the women did. They've never ever done menswear before, and we all know Anya can't even sew! No wonder "fashion-forward rocker" guest judge Adam Lambert ended up calling her tunic something out of an eighth grade production of Hair! Ouuuch!

But Olivier's forte was supposed to be menswear. Yet, it was the same story as last week. He has no sense of time management. He can't work for real people -- especially not a 6-foot-3 lead singer, who he kept referring to as "big" and "plus-size" (!??!). He was whining that his mannequin dress form wasn't the right size (even though he had the lead, Ewan's measurements) and on and on. Even the other designers were concerned for him. Personally, I was just fed up and screaming, "Shut up!!!" whenever he'd talk. And then ... when he got kicked off (finaaaaally) for his ill-fitting design, I shouted, "YES!" (Ha, yeeeeah, it was a good week for someone who was obviously NOT an Olivier fan.)

But on to the ones who stayed cool. Joshua, Laura Kathleen, and Bert all rocked their way into the Sheepdogs' and judges' hearts. But the winner of the challenge ended up being Viktor. He made an AMAZING brown jacket that was pleather but ended up looking like real leather and like a million bucks! The judges were enamored by it, and you could completely see why. He even got to see his design featured on his band member (Leot) in a Garnier advertorial. Good for him -- he so deserved it!

Were you psyched to see Viktor win and Olivier go home?

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