'Anna Rexia' Costume: Funny or Tasteless?

Anna Rexia CostumeThe list of questionable women's Halloween costumes is a long (and entertaining) one, and you'd better believe I'll be covering it here on this blog as the holiday approaches.

But one costume is already making tongues wag -- the 'Anna Rexia' costume, available at Internet retailers around the world.

"No Bones About It," trumpets one website selling the costume. "This Dress Will Spark Some Conversations!"

Um. Yeah.

It has sparked so many conversations, actually, that The Village Voice wrote an article about it -- prompting popular costume seller Ricky's to pull it from its shelves.

"It makes light of something really serious," William Walters of the National Eating Disorders Association told the Voice. "It's hard for us to find it funny."

What about you?

Are people taking this crazy costume too seriously? Or is it in seriously bad taste?


The costume apparently has been around for years. Do a search and you'll see images of plenty of women wearing it at Halloween parties.

Retailers in the UK are still selling it, and so is at least one Internet retailer here in the US -- in plus-size, anyway.

Personally, I find the costume to be incredibly tacky -- but then again, I find most Halloween costumes designed for women to be tacky and tasteless. Dressing up in a tight, cleavage-baring costume for Halloween has become such a cliche that I'd personally never do it. In fact, I just asked my 4-year-old what he wants me to be for Halloween and he asked me to be Princess Leia.

Noooooo problem.

What about you? Would you wear the Anna Rexia costume? What would you say if you came across someone at a party wearing it?


Image via Fancy Dress Heaven

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