The One Place Kim Kardashian Won't Wear Jewelry


kim kardashianWhen one thinks of Kim Kardashian, typically the phrase "low key" isn't the first to pop into one's mind. I think words more like "flashy," "sexy," and "in-your-face" are better suited to describe the star and her sultry style. But according to Kim, she actually is low key. Well, sometimes. See, there's one place on earth that you'll never, ever see the reality star done up. And you'll never see her wearing a speck of jewelry.

The gym! Kim recently sat down with Women's Wear Daily to discuss her jewelry line, Belle Noel Jewelry (yeah, I've never heard of it either), and here's what she had to say on the oh-so-controversial subject of jewels in the gym:

I don’t wear jewelry to work out. I see people working out with their jewelry on. I was leaving the gym yesterday and I didn’t have my ring on and there were photographers. I said to my sister, "Just watch. You will see a story: 'Kim Without Her Ring. Trouble in Paradise.'" And Kourtney said, "But who would ever wear their ring to the gym?" and I said, "You’d be surprised." I see women coming to the gym with earrings on. I can’t do it.

I like it. No jewelry to the gym. This happens to be a rule I certainly abide by (save for tiny little studs that I never take out), but I wouldn't have pegged Kim for a "not done up" gym rat. She's always done up. I mean, I suppose I've seen photos of her in her workout clothes, but I never noticed the lack of sparkly things in the pictures. I would have for sure pegged her as a diamond-clad workout queen. I mean, think about it. When do you not see a Kardashian dressed up?

In other news, I'd like to state that I really dislike it when I see women "dressed up" for the gym. Not only because it makes my ripped sweatpants-wearing ass look even more unappealing, but because I just don't see the point. It's like, aren't you at the gym so you can look good? It seems like a foolish time to put an actual effort into your appearance. Also, one sweats at the gym. One runs and jumps. Aren't things like makeup and jewelry and a beautifully coiffed French twist going to get in the way of all that?

I think so. And apparently so does Kim. Samesies.

Do you wear jewelry to the gym?

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Stacey. Stacey.

Earrings and my ring. All of which I only take off to change for different ones. I don't see how ear studs and one ring can get in the way of a workout. #silly

Rachel Schiller

Nope, not even my wedding ring.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i don't wear jewelry to the gym, but i don't consider my wedding ring to be just 'jewelry' anyway. i wear my wedding band & anniversary ring when i work out, but those never come off unless i'm washing my hair so they don't get tangled.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I have 3 pieces of jewelry that I *never* take off - my engagement ring, my wedding band, and a pendant necklace that was given to me the day my first son was born.  They don't bother me during a workout, a shower, or sleeping, but even if they did, I would deal with it. 

Alann... AlannaMaria

i wear my rings and earrings, but i never take them off. I wouldn't throw on a fancy necklace, bunch of bracelets, huge hoops and go to the gym.

Angelica Polk

Kim's rock is soooo big, of course she would have to take that off at the gym.

aeama... aeamathis

I don't wear jewelry when sweating.  I think it's supposed to be bad for the finish.

babyb... babybirch

I never take off my wedding ring . Then again, it's much more subtle and less gaudy than Kim's .

That being said, is the gym really the only place she doesn't wear jewelry ? I mean, what about the shower ? Or in bed ? Or when she's just lying around the house ? I can't imagine wearing jewelry when I'm just trying to be comfortable ...

cocob... cocobeannns

I don't wear alot of jewelry unless I'm going out for a special occasion. But, I will take my engagement ring off sometimes when I shower or when I sleep. Other than that, it's on my finger!

nonmember avatar marco solorio

can i get a cash loan from kim ?

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