Woman Takes Vampire Chic to Frightening New Level (PHOTO)

vampire womanI used to think you had to be famous, or at least have a huge butt (Kimmie K.), to be immortalized in wax, but I was wrong. Mexican "vampire" Maria Jose Cristerna hasn't starred in a movie with Brad Pitt or been to the Grammys, but she's tattooed almost 100 percent of her body, has titanium horn implants, white eyes, holes in her earlobes so large that I could throw a water bottle through them, and of course, fangs. As my grandmother would say, she's a piece of work. And now, thanks to Ripley's Believe It or Not, she's a permanent piece of art work -- they're in the process of making five Maria Jose wax replicas. Because, you know, one wasn't enough.


The 35-year-old mother of four is a former lawyer and said she started turning into vampire after suffering years of domestic abuse. I hope it's helped her heal, and now that she's been able to turn her eccentric hobby into a little bit of stardom, maybe she feels even better.

Taking vampire-chic to the next level pays, apparently. Hey! Remember on Brad's season of The Bachelor when the girl showed up in fangs? She obviously didn't think of really committing to her look like Maria has. Turning oneself into a vampire takes a little more than a fang retainer, little lady.

It's kind of amazing that Maria's transformation has paid off like it has. Who knew that her stunt would land her in Ripley's wax museums in Saint Augustine, Florida; Veracruz, Mexico; and Guadalajara?

She's certainly one of the most interesting looking women in the world, and I'm sure her wax figures will shock and amaze people. And all those vampire lovers out there will be proud to know that at least one human-turned-vampire will live forever ... even if she is made of wax.

What do you think of Maria's extreme vampire look?


Photo via Ripleys.com

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