Katy Perry Gets Even Crazier and Dyes Her Hair Pink

katy perryI have no doubt that I'd look like a buffoon with pink hair. But Katy Perry? Strangely ... not at all. You'd have to be pretty bold to pull it off, but Perry does just that. She makes pink hair seem totally natural on the October cover of InStyle magazine

Normally I'd think this was way off-base. After all, it's a magazine that's supposed to tell women everywhere what's "in style," yet they put a rosy-colored coif front and center? But you know what? She really does look absolutely gorgeous here. I'd say the result is a TOTAL do!


Thing is, if you're going to look good in a daring hair color like Perry did, you have to style it right. I'm totally gaga over her beautiful soft curls, and the way the cut frames her face couldn't be more perfect. Honestly, I think I noticed her hairstyle before the crazy color registered -- but maybe that's because Perry has had her fair share of wacky looks.

The other thing Perry has going for her is the outfit. She chose an elegant yet simple dress and black, muted accessories that aren't too outside the box. Even with the hair, she still manages to look completely sophisticated and not at all punk or juvenile. It's like she's saying, So I dyed my hair pink -- I know I still look gorgeous

Is it conventional for a woman Perry's age (26) to color her hair the shade of an Easter egg? Aside from Pink (the singer), not really. But who cares? If you have the personality to match, it seems like a fun thing to try. You just might want to warn people at the office first.

Would you ever be bold enough to dye your hair pink?


Image via InStyle

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