Rihanna's Pajamas Make Her Look Crazy

rihannaI don't know what sort of bedtime trauma I endured as a kid, but there's something about pajamas that I can't stand. Well, it's more that seeing people in their pajamas is what I have a problem with. It just makes them look so vulnerable! And a little bit insane. Because anyone who wears PJs outside of the privacy of their own bedroom has got to be a smidge unhinged. I know I might be alone on this point, but when I saw the photos of Rihanna greeting her fans in her pajamas, I cringed. She's lost it, no?

Rihanna's style has taken a left turn recently and this PJ fiasco perfectly shows that she's kinda lost that fashion feeling. And maybe a little bit more.


Clearly when anyone stands on their balcony in a Rio de Janeiro hotel room while thousands of fans scream below, one realizes that they're going to be seen. Rihanna doesn't seem to care as deeply as I do about going out in public wearing, you know, clothes, but what's her objective?

Is she going full-blown exhibitionist? That's certainly a way to get publicity, but Ri Ri doesn't need it -- she's talented and beautiful. Pants wouldn't do her career any harm. Is she just trying to be weird like Lady Gaga? That's not cool, either. There's only one gaGA, there isn't room for two (or three, if you count Nicki Minaj).

Rihanna's been wearing less and less clothing over the past few months and I think she's on some sort of "mental break," as my therapist calls it. And the pajama thing really solidifies that for me. It just shows that she doesn't care. There's good and bad when it comes to not caring ... take Britney Spears for example. She stopped caring and started wearing bikini tops, cut-off shorts, bare feet, and a shaved head.

That's what I dislike most about the PJ "lewk," if you will. It just makes Rihanna look like she's given up. What do you see bums wearing on the street? PJs. What do you see chronically sick people wearing? PJs. What do you see babies wearing at airports when parents have just completely given up on life? PJs.

Who's with me? Clothes don't only express a sense of style but also a sense of sanity. Rihanna's got too much to lose with these bizarre and alienating fashion choices she's making. I mean, how hard is it to put on some jeans?

What do you think about wearing pajamas in public?


Photo via Splash News

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