How to Look Like a Kardashian Sister Naked (PHOTO)


kourtney kim khloe kardashianSay what you like about the Kardashian sisters, but there's no denying the fact that many, many women (including this writer) would do just about anything to look like Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe -- who, it must be said, are looking alarmingly IDENTICAL in the image to the right.

Ahem, wasn't Khloe a little taller than the others? And, wasn't Kourtney a little more petite? Oh, stop splitting gorgeous long wavy flowing hairs already! The point is, they're hawking new beauty products -- specifically self-tanning gel -- and I'll be damned if it doesn't make my cleavage and stomach glow like Kim's (and Kourtney's and Khloe's)!

The gel, called Kardashian Glamour Tan (of course it is), is the first product to be featured on the Kardashian sisters' new health and beauty site. It's being sold at a 45 percent discount for the next couple of days and some of the proceeds go to charity, blah blah blah, let's just cut to the chase already: Does it work?

Well, to be fair, the Kardashian sisters are always tan, which is certainly the result of this fabulous beauty product and has nothing at all to do with the fact that they were blessed with gorgeous dark olive skin and are constantly being Photoshopped. In fact, I'm sure this gel will work equally as well for those of us who are pale and Irish with tons of freckles. Right?

Just be forewarned that -- at least as the photo above would suggest -- using this moisturizing tanning gel could cause you to morph into an identical clone of a Kardashian sister. But I guess that's exactly the point.

Would you buy Kardashian self-tanner?


Image via JP Selects

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Kim Guerin

two words - airbrushed and photoshopped!

MomoJL MomoJL

Holy crap, this is the fakest picture I've ever seen.

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

There's so much photoshop going on in that picture, lol.

nmmama09 nmmama09

It looks like one body was photo shopped with a few minor differences and all the sister's heads were put on that one body! Why is Khloe's shoulder coming out of her ear? To answer the question, no I wouldn't but that is only because I have a year round tan.

Billie Jo Evans

You know they're totally air-brushed all the hell! Khloe alone is way taller than her sisters and heftier.

Marva Lancaster Huskey

I love the Kardashian sister's, anybody that knows me, will verify that. But, I have to say, that doe's not look like Khloe's body, Khloe is much thicker and noticeably taller, than her sister's.Alot of altering, was done to her picture, but it does'nt change the fact, that she is just as beautiful, as her siter's.

Marva Lancaster Huskey

Sorry  for the misspelling of sister's, in my first comment above.

Starleet Starleet

If it works then yes I would. I have a pigment disorder and have these lil dots and really pale skin now..I miss being tan!

nonmember avatar Ana

This picture is totally photoshoped cause Kloe is totally fat and in this picture its not her body.. Come on cant you guys just take a real photo without turning it fake

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