The Weird Style Tip Katy Perry Picked Up From Beyonce

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One would never refer to Katy Perry's style as derivative. Well, maybe they would, but they would be wrong. Her cutesy bubblegum frocks can only be described as daring, naughty, original, and even downright weird.

I had the pleasure of seeing Katy in concert a few months back, and let me tell you, her costumes did not disappoint. Every song, there was a new sparkly number or a weird grandma-esque dress. It was impressive. And one song even contained eight costume changes. Eight. That's something to blog about. But that's not what I'm blogging about.

What I'm blogging about is the weird, dear-God-don't-make-this-a-trend style trick Katy picked up from Beyonce after seeing her perform live. A style trick Katy now won't leave home (for a performance) without.


Tights! Nude tights! Katy recently told InStyle:

I’ve adopted the Beyoncé leg. When I saw her on tour, she had these glowing legs. They’re Wolford neon 40 tights. I put them on first, and then over them I wear a Capezio fishnet that has been bedazzled. I do lots of layers. I’m like an artichoke.

Okay, so I'll hand it to Katy -- Katy and Beyonce -- they both have killer legs. Or maybe killer-looking legs. So they've got to be on to something with this whole nude tights thing, but please, please, please let's not make this a worldwide trend. Nude tights, hose, whatever is strictly for performing pop stars, '80s working women, ice skaters, and Kate Middleton. Nobody else.

Pop stars performing without a set of sheer, shimmery stockings would be weird. And we wouldn't want to witness it. Imagine seeing Beyonce or Lady Gaga's bare legs during a concert. That would be ... I don't know, wrong. What if they didn't have time to shave, what if they're a little jiggly? We don't want to see that. We want to keep up the illusion that they're perfect.

So, for them, they're fine. But make no mistake, people, these same tights have no business -- none whatsoever -- on a regular ol' gal like you or me. We would look ridiculous. So let's leave this trend to Katy and Beyonce, eh?

Do you like nude tights?


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