Skirt Made With Safety Pins Is Only $3,038 ... On Sale

balmain skirtIf I saw someone wearing this Balmain skirt in public, I'd think to myself how ugly it was, and then go on with my day like any other. But after noticing it selling online for $3,038 on sale -- no, you aren't hallucinating -- I can't exactly walk away so easily.

The skirt, which originally retailed for a mind-blowing $15,190, is made of black leather and adorned with ... wait for it ... SAFETY PINS. You know how much safety pins cost? I believe a whopping $1 for a 20-count at Staples. (What-the-hell-is-going-on-here laughter erupts.)

The original retail value is a down payment on a house or a car. It's the cost of tuition for one year of college. It's also a straight-up sham that this skirt is already sold out in a size 6.


I understand that different women have different fashion tastes. I also understand that a designer like Balmain caters to a more sophisticated crowd, like Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt. But even someone with high-end taste has to see that this uber-expensive item is a trainwreck. A hot mess. An embarrassment.

The skirt looks like, no lie, nothing more than a bejeweled dish towel. What, was the cow the leather came from fed grass that was watered with Evian and then given mani-pedis every other day? That must be it! There is no other reason why this black, sparkly rag could cost more than $15,000 at full price. It's criminal.

Honestly, if this isn't a testament to how blinded women are by brand names, then I don't know what is. I lust over almost anything that my main man Michael Kors puts his name on, but that doesn't mean I'd buy something made by him if I didn't actually like the product -- or if it meant I'd have to put a hold on my student loan.

In my mind, it will always be how an item looks -- and how much it's selling for -- not who makes it. Having something in my closet for the sole reason of telling others I own it? It's just not worth it.

And by chance, even if I did like the skirt, I'd just buy a cheap one from Forever 21 and bling it up myself. Let's be real: DIY crafts are much more rewarding than being poor.

What do you think about the Balmain skirt?


Image via The Outnet

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