'Rachel Zoe Project' Recap: Joey Scores With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Joey MaaloufBeyond all the baby drama as Rachel is in her eighth month of pregnancy, the battle started really brewing between Joey Maalouf and Jeremiah Brent on this week's episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. While Jeremiah clearly kills it in the looks category, Joey scored big when he was chosen to go on the Kim Kardashian photo shoot and nailed it.

"Joey has that gift to make sure girls feel pretty all the time," Rachel said. Not that Kim needs much help in that area, but I could sure use my own personal Joey. He also had some of the most candid conversations with "Rach" about everything from her new baby boobs to the delivery process. "Are you actually going to let it come out of your vag?" he asked her. Every girl needs a guy like that.


Rachel has no idea if she wants the baby to come out of her "vag" or not, she just wants to wing it like she does the rest of her life. When her sister took her and Rodger to visit a doula, it turned into more of a marriage counseling/bitching session than about anything regarding the baby. Oh well, they have people.

Speaking of people ... Jeremiah wasn't totally left out of the warm spotlight of Rachel's glow. He was given the ridiculous job of furnishing Rachel's new 7,000-square-foot house in two weeks flat. They currently have three pieces of furniture. "Ulcers may be a necessary side effect," he said ... and he's probably right. I'm dying to see what he comes up with. Rachel is confident in his innate sense of style, and I can't wait to see how that translates into home decor and if he wins any points to even up the score with Joey.

Rachel has enough work that it's not like only one guy can win. There's seemingly room for both of them, but, of course, only one will be "the one," the new Brad. If I was doing the choosing, I'd go for Jeremiah and his more laid-back style, but I don't think he's going to knock Joey out of his flamboyant spot anytime soon.

Rodger the "cranky bitch" didn't score any points when he told Rachel he was going to Las Vegas. She didn't like the idea AT ALL and blamed it on her pregnancy, but it sounds like she'd be pissed about it no matter what. She doesn't like girls' trips, so he shouldn't go either, and he's a jerk for even asking. But go he will, as previews show him in Sin City next week. She should have sent Joey or Jeremiah to keep an eye on him perhaps ... or just let him have a little fun.

Who do you think will end up as Rachel Zoe's new go-to guy? Do you think Rachel was unfair in not wanting Rodger to go to Vegas?

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