Genius Woman Makes Money With Boob-Slapping Beauty Treatment

boob slapping shopI feel like an idiot. All these years I've been thinking the world's dumbest people live right here in the good ol' US of A (not excluding myself) when, actually, they're residing in Bangkok, Thailand. Egg on my face.

Ironically, one of the world's smartest people lives there, too, though. Her name is Khemmikka Na Songkhla, and she is the proud proprietor of the city's only (the world's?) boob, butt, and face-slapping spa. Yes, Songkhla will gladly pocket your hard-earned money and smack your ta-tas around in order to enhance their shapeliness and size.

Fellow Americans, we've been bested. Boob slapping trumps plumbking any day of the week.


There's no need to launch into some big pseudo-intellectual sociological discussion on the lengths today's women are willing to go to in order to look youthful and fertile. We have Bravo for that. But there is a need to talk about how brilliant Khemmikka Na Songkhla is, making bank off of these raving lunatics. (FYI, she is "the only one who can practice this wisdom." So don't be fooled by any generic body part spanking shops.)

First of all, let's touch upon the fact that there are women actually gullible enough to go to Songkhla's "spa," if that's what you want to call a place where someone inflicts physical harm on you. Yeah, I know, we already touched upon it, but let's touch more. 'Cause it's insane! Who would believe that something like this genuinely works? Do women leave the shop feeling like their butt or face or whatever is more plump and shapely looking? I'm sure they do! And not just because of a placebo effect. Because their body parts are probably all red and swollen. Like a bruise or a bee sting.

Second of all, don't these women realize that this is something they -- or a friend -- can simply do for themselves? Smack away, young ladies! Oh, wait, I forgot, Songkhla is the only person in the world certified to do this.

How genius is this woman? I mean, she's got virtually no overhead. She doesn't need to pay rent, as this is something that can be practiced anywhere -- her house, a field, the street. She doesn't have employees -- only one with the wisdom, 'member? And the only equipment she needs is her hands. Brilliant!

I should take a page out of Songkhla's book. Find a cheap way to make money by preying on people's vanity. But maybe Americans aren't as vain as I thought they were either, though. We put our heads in toilets, after all.

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