Demi Lovato's Awkward Black Hat Isn't a Good Look (VIDEO)

demi lovatoI like Demi Lovato. It's not like we're besties or anything, but she has a great voice and is making a legitimate and admirable career comeback after her recent stint in rehab. The 19-year-old, of Disney channel fame, was on Good Morning America this week promoting her new album Unbroken, which came out Tuesday, and let me tell you -- it sounds like she's in a MUCH better place now than a year ago.

BUT, as much as I do like her, I'm sorry -- I can't get over her ghastly choice of, erm, headwear. I'm not exactly sure what you call that cross between a bowler hat and fedora on top of her coif, but I AM sure of this: It's awkward. As in not pretty.


I've seen similar hats in a bunch of stores recently and I didn't understand the appeal there, either. It makes me think of something my grandfather would wear during Sunday brunch, no offense to Grandpa or anything. It's just not exactly at the cutting edge of women's fashion. It even kind of resembles something a clown would sport at the circus. All Demi is missing is a big red honky nose and the white face makeup to match!

I think it's the straight brim that throws me off. Maybe if it had a little more curve, sort of like the common fedora usually does, I'd like it better.

Sure, the crazy hat is heinous, but does it mean Demi looks bad? No, not at all. In fact, I love her long bronze waves, and her makeup looks so fresh and clean. But just because something is in doesn't mean it's a trend we should embrace. I'm also not a fan of crop tops and faux fur, even though those are all the rage right now too. But maybe it's just me.

Check out Demi's Good Morning America segment, and let me know: Would you wear Demi's hat? Are there any other fall fashion trends you're not into?

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Image via ABC News

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