Pippa Middleton Bares Too Much at Fashion Show


pippa middletonThe fashion industry now has a new way to describe time: BP and AP. Before Pippa and After Pippa. The royal wedding ushered us into the new AP era. Since then, the sky's been a little brighter, the Cristal a little clearer, and the dresses a little prettier. Now known as a fashion icon, Duchess Catherine's sister Pippa Middleton was spotted sitting front row at Alice Temperley's Spring 2012 runway show yesterday in London. The Renaissance that is the AP continues!

Pippa supported the British born designer, the same one who created her plunging green satin royal wedding reception dress and the white one Lindsay Lohan wore to Kim Kardashian's wedding, while sporting a black, white, and gold mini-dress, also from Temperley's collection.

But there was a slight problem.

Pippa's dress was a wee bit short. Let me take that back. Pippa's dress was so short that it looked like you could see her bare kaslopis! The shadows cast down on her thighs pressed together kinda made it look like Pippa was showing it all. Thankfully, she wasn't. But come on. In this beautiful AP era, she should know better than to wear something like that.

The rest of the show she sat cross-legged and admired Temperley's fashions along with fellow guests Rosario Dawson and Peaches Geldof. You know who was missing though? Pippa's sister Kate. How great would that have been if Duchess Catherine sat front row at a fashion show. She probably would've gone to McQueen though, since they designed her wedding gown, or Daniella Issa Helayel's show, since it was she who designed that sapphire blue dress Kate wore when she and Will announced their engagement.

Even though it'd be totally unlikely that Duchess C. attended any fashion show, it's cool to see that Pippa is supporting the designer that helped catapult her into stardom, that helped delineate between BP and AP. I hope she got some ideas from Temperley's Spring 2012 show -- Pippa looks great in her dresses and I can't wait to see what she's steps out in come April.

If we're lucky, maybe she'll get to wear a spring Temperley dress (no minis, though, please) if she heads out on vacation, er, holiday, this winter. Meet you in Palm Beach, Pip?

What do you think of the dress Pippa wore to Temperley's spring show?


Photo via Tim Whitby/Getty

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ajbro... ajbrownies

It's short but the girls sitting next to her are wearing dresses that are at least as short. The girl in red looks like it's actually shorter. I think the dress is kinda ugly though- I wouldn't wear it but it looks good on her.

Wish2Be Wish2Be

You would think that a fashion show would require people with fashion sense. LOL !

dirti... dirtiekittie

i think it's just a bad shot and bad light. the dress looks as short as the other two next to her, and they're not cross legged either. lol i'm not a big fan of the dress in the pic, but meh, i wouldn't look like that in it either, so to each her own.

Christopher Koulouris

Don’t you wish you could spend your afternoons scoring front row seats and a lifetime of photo ops? If only you were as entitled as Pippa...(never mind cavorting about pantiless...)


Madel... Madelaine

She looks great!

frysh... fryshannon34

I think it is too bad she has to be under a microscope now

Jacqueline Carter Kirby

for geez...frickin leave her alone....she is young and hot.!   jealous much?!!

beyon... beyond.eden22

Agree with Jacqueline... I love her dress... and I'm sure I've worn shorter.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

She looks nice I hate short dresses but its pretty style lol

best I can do. lol I would and have never worn anything that short. lol

She um needs to learn descresion I think this is the leggings all over again really to much information about body parts I never needed to see.

We know she has slightly square bum and now her innner thighs are dark marked ok to much info for me lol

it is bad lighting she is humped over a tad sitting bad.

Someone give her a program to hold to cover things up!!!

To jacqueline its not jelousy this may be hard to understand but some people do not liketo look and almost totally nekkid people walking around. She is pretty looks good and does not need to show her privat part like britney spears and the infamous car thing omfg that is pic I wish I could burn from my brain eww.



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