Yoobies: 'Boobies You Control' (VIDEO)

YoobiesWe've all seen push-up bras, with padding that can add cleavage to even an A-cup.

But I'm betting you've never seen Yoobies.

Billed as "boobies you control," Yoobies can be inserted in your bra and inflated or deflated with the push of a button.



"Now you can go from business hour to happy hour in just the press of a button," the website crows.

It sounds corny and sort of unbelievable ... but if the product works as well as this video would have you believe, well -- I'm intrigued.

I mean, that's some fast-acting inflation, y'all!

Still, I can see some potential problems with unexpected groping. What exactly would your man have to say if he went in for a squeeze and your "boobie" deflated?!

Be careful with your Yoobies, is all I'm sayin'.

Yoobies come either as inserts or as an entire bra. Inserts range between $24 and $26 (for extra large Yoobies). And Yoobies bras will set you back $69

The Yoobies blog says that Yoobies are being used on the sets of Weeds and Hot in Cleveland, so if you choose to buy some, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Now I'm going to have to watch these shows just to try and spot the YOOBIES!

Will you buy yourself a pair?


Image via Yoobies

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