Gwyneth Paltrow’s Emmys Fashion Fail Wasn’t as Bad as These


gwyneth paltrowGwyneth Paltrow may rub me the wrong way now and again, but I've never denied the fact that she's a beautiful woman with an acute fashion sense. Everything she wears, she kills. But her get-up at last night's Emmys? Oof, I don't know what she was thinking.

If you didn't watch the show, you can shift your gaze on over to the left and see that the star walked down the red carpet in a see-through, two-piece, cropped top Pucci ensemble -- which made her perfectly toned, Tracy Anderson-method body look all sorts of weird, almost muffin-top-like.

Gwyneth lucked out, though. Because all eyes weren't on her and her poor choice in formalwear last night. No sirree. There were plenty of other fashion fails lurking around on the red carpet.

Before we get to the other misses of the night, though, I would like to say, this Pucci dress would be unbelievable -- flawless -- if it just had a couple more inches of fabric. The cut of the top and the height of the skirt are so ... odd. And if it doesn't look good on Gwynnie, it's not going to look good on anyone. Okay, on to the others.

Katie Holmes. Eh, really wasn't feeling this blue satin Calvin Klein number. First of all, it looks like it needs to be taken in or something. Second of all, it looks like she has it on backwards. All sorts of awkward going on here.

Olivia Munn. Yeah, so this is probably my least favorite look of the night. The dress, the color. There's a whole lot of wrong happening. With Olivia's dark complexion, a jewel-toned dress would have been the perfect choice, but green? And so much of it? And it looks like it needs to be ironed or something. This Carolina Herrera number is a major fail.

Julianna Margulies. Okay, so I was majorly disappointed in Julianna here. My girl is so beautiful with her alabaster skin and dark hair -- what was she thinking in this stiff, bridal-like Armani Prive dress? Terrible choice. It made her look sort of matronly and the color pretty much blended in with her skin.

Paz de la Huerta. So, it wasn't so much the dress that wasn't working for Paz last night -- although it was a little Dancing With the Stars -- as much as the whole look she put together. I don't get it. The rat's nest hair, the blue-ish looking lipstick, the weird scowl on her face. What is happening here? Perhaps if Paz ran a brush through her hair and threw on some gloss and a smile, this wouldn't have been so bad.

Heidi Klum. Sure, the dress is youthful and fun, but it also sort of looks like, I don't know, cauliflower or something. I don't totally hate this look, but I guess I just would have preferred it was floor-length, as opposed to CRAZY RUFFLES IN YOUR FACE!

Who was your favorite -- and least favorite -- dressed star at the Emmys?


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cocob... cocobeannns

i didn't think Katie Holmes looked that bad. I thought her dress was pretty, just plain. It's a step-up from what she usually looks like.

Adriana Velez

I think it was Gawker who said Heidi Klum's dress looked like it was made out of Michael Kors' brains. And I did not understand the vision behind those crystal blob hanging off Julianna's dress. Something to play with in case the Emmy's got boring? Positive energy magnets? What the heck?

David Kleppe

paz looks like she is auditioning for a zombie movie

JaneE... JaneEyre27

Gwynnie's dress gave her pancake boobs -- never a good look.

nonmember avatar demonterius nib

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benic... benicetoothers

Didn't watch the emmys, so I don't know which dress was my favorite.  But, I will say that I rather like Katie's dress; it looks simple, elegant and comfortable. 

nonmember avatar fhc

i don't know...most of these women looked pretty damn good to me...they're all in great shape, the dresses were unique, and hey,'s the freakin' emmies. so, which one of you critical bi**ch*s could pull any of that off...and muffin top on gwyn...please. the woman has 3% body fat. sounds like a lot of envy to me.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I think that the history of hollweird has shown many many that were dressed far worse.

glowmom5 glowmom5

Paz just looks SCARY!  Yikes!

Vinta... VintageWife

WTHeck is that Paz chick wearing?!? What is up with the hair and the blue lips.

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