5 Halloween Costumes That Are Too Sexy

It is time to think about your Halloween Costumes for 2011, because the longer you delay the later it is going to get and then — before you know it — you will have three days to put together something great. So when shopping for your party-winning threads, how do you decide what to wear?

Have you been invited to an adult party with a theme? Are you sporting a costume because you want to trick or treat with your nephew? Are you hosting a Halloween party for your friends? It is very important to keep the destination (and the company) in mind when you pick out your costume. Seriously, seriously, important. And just in case you aren't sure what constitutes inappropriate for most party venues, I have pictured five costumes that are sold along side the kiddie Halloween costumes, but that should only be worn in the bedroom!


Most of these would make fantastic role-playing costumes for the bedroom, but really, I don't want to see any of my friends in costumes like these at whatever Halloween parties I might attend. Tell me if you agree ...


If the theme of the party is "Sexy, Skimpy, Naughty" then go for it — but if your brother is throwing a party for some friends — keep this one at home.

sexy skimpy naughty halloween costume










If you choose the cop costume below, please make sure the theme of the party is "Strippers" — otherwise find something else!

sexy police halloween costume











There is a reason there are so many pornos out there with women serving men! If you like that sort of thing ... it can be great for the bedroom. But I beg of you, please don't wear this to a Halloween party. Unless, of course, it is a sexy themed party.

french maid costume








Lots of people want to dress up like firefighters, and that can be a great costume if you are going trick or treating with your nephew — but please choose one that will be appropriate for the kids to see! In case you are wondering, this one is not.

firefighter halloween costume










Pirates are all the rage but this one goes a bit over the top. Here's the thing ... if I can see part of your ass cheeks peeking through the bottom of your shorts, I'd rather you wear something else to my party.

Sexy Buccaneer











Have you been to Halloween parties with women in costumes that have made you want to hide your eyes?



Images via Amazon, Costume Supercenter, Wonder Costumes, www.costumekingdom.com, Party City

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