Subtle Butt: These Fart Pads Claim to Keep You Smelling as Good as You Look! (VIDEO)

Subtle ButtJust when you thought there was nothing new under the sun, along comes Subtle Butt.

A Subtle Butt package contains five "fart pads" that you attach to your underwear. The pads have active carbon that's designed to filter the fart and obviate the smell.

But you really have to see the Subtle Butt commercial to understand this product's effectiveness ... click through to see it!


I have to admit, it's corny ... BUT FUNNY!

Subtle Butt will run you $11.95 for five pads.

StyleList interviewed Subtle Butt's creator, Kim Olenicoff, who had this to say:

"I use them on airplanes, after a chili meal, and even on my dog. Some customers have even told me that it's saved their marriage! People with IBS and food allergies definitely gravitate toward these, too."


Why do I have the feeling that some of you will be putting Subtle Butt in stockings this Christmas?

What do you think of Subtle Butt?

Image via Solutions That Stick

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