Tim Gunn Says Kirstie Alley Is No Size Four

Kirstie AlleyFINALLY, someone is saying what I was thinking -- Kirstie Alley seems to once be again fudging her dress size now that she's lost more weight.

You may remember when she claimed a few months ago that she was a "stretchy size six." I called bull.

Now, she tells Radar Online she's a size four, and while she looks AMAZING, I think she's doing women a great disservice by claiming she's a size she isn't.

Tim Gunn apparently agrees. According to the Daily Mail, he said in an interview: "There is a phenomenon out there right now that I call the lying deceptive shell game of vanity sizing."

Gunn believes Kirstie is more like a size eight or ten. I'd say she's closer to a ten or twelve.

But the thing is, SHE LOOKS GREAT!

So why does she need to claim she's a four?


I believe that by announcing she's a size four (when she isn't), Kirstie is making REAL size eight-and-up women across the country look at Kirstie and believe that they must be larger than they'd previously thought. If she'd admit her real size, women who are also that size would realize how great they look.

But no.

Kirstie has to claim she's a size four, and make everyone larger than that size feel awful.

Tim addressed this concern of mine as well, saying:

"She looks fabulous. People are too size conscious. It's all about how you look and more importantly how do you look in your clothes!"


I'd rather Kirstie tell us all that she lost x amount of pounds, or that she dropped x dress sizes. The actual numbers? I don't need to know.

What do you think about Kirstie's claims? And why do you think she feels so compelled to make them?


Image via Splash News

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