Manscaping: Does Your Guy Tidy Up Downstairs?

Pete Wentz

Photo by Nancy Ostertag/Getty

We've talked about our hair down there, but what about his? Manscaping, when men trim, shave, or wax their body hair, has become a way of life for metrosexuals, but sometimes even the rough and tumble types like to trim their own bushes.

Pete Wentz is a manscaper. Oh yes, this Fall Out Boy, soon-to-be first-time dad, and husband of Ashlee Simpson has talked to Elle magazine about how he maintains his hair down below.


To clear the record, Mr. Wentz didn't mean for the world to know what he did below the belt, but he once took a nude photo of himself on his phone and sent it to a girl (this was all before Ashlee). The photo got out and those who saw it knew Pete had been handy with the scissors.

Pete's quoted in Elle as saying, "The manscaping? Honestly, I felt slightly overgrown in those pictures. If I had taken them for public consumption, I would have done it differently—groomed a little closer, better lighting."

What about your man? Is he a manscaper or does he go...caveman style?


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