Nicole Richie Goes From Hot Mess to Hot Designer

nicole richieHey, remember when Nicole Richie was a hot mess who hung around Paris Hilton, did drugs, and got arrested for driving under the influence? Seems like that was eons ago. Now, the former-reality TV star is a completely different person. She's squeaky clean, she's rarely seen with Paris (who is?), she's a mother of two, oh, and she's, like, a really fancy jewelry designer who wins prestigious awards and stuff.

This November, Ms. Richie will receive a top honor from the Accessories Council. She'll be picking up The Influence of the Year at the ACE Awards for her House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate collections.

And rightfully so! Have you seen her stuff? It's gorg.






Let's poke around a bit, shall we?

house of harlow 1960 necklace

Women's Large Peacock Pendant, on sale for $29.40(!), Kitson. Okay, first we've got this totally adorable -- totally affordable -- necklace. With a black tank, black blazer, and black skinny jeans? Yes please. Very chic.

house of harlow 1960 earrings

14KT Gold Tribal Hoop Earrings in Turquoise, $73.50, Kitson. Love these! Sure, they'd look best paired with a bikini and a tan somewhere on a beach in Brazil, but these earrings can totally make the transition to winter. I'm thinking with something white and crisp. 

house of harlow 1960 sunglasses


'Nicole' Sunglasses, $125, Nordstrom. Here we go. Classic Nicole Richie. Her signature oversized sunglasses that really brought her onto the fashion grid. I agree, $125 is a little expensive for an accessory, but when it comes to sunglasses, I'm always willing to shell out some cash. After all, you can basically wear them every day. Unless you live in, like, Seattle or London. But even then, you'll probably get your money's worth, too.

house of harlow 1960 clutch

'Tilly' Studded Calf Hair Clutch, $250, Nordstrom. Okay, yeah, there's no way in hell I'd spend $250 on a bag -- especially one that can only hold an iPhone and a couple of tampons and that I can only use at night -- but this is so pretty. I love anything studded. It can give the softest of looks that bad-ass punch that everybody needs once in a while.

house of harlow 1960 bangle

Aztec Bangle With Black Leather, 14 Karat Yellow Gold Plated, $72, Ron Robinson. I'm in love with this bangle. So much so that I might divorce my husband and marry it. Or maybe I'll just buy it. Either way.

How cute is Nicole Richie's stuff? Do you think she deserves such an award?


Image via Noel Vasquez/Getty

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