'People' Best Dressed List Is Missing One Diva

people's 10 best dressed When you're a celebrity, shopping for clothes must be an absolute breeze. Can you imagine meandering through your fave stores and never once looking at a price tag?! But just because you have the money to afford A-list style doesn't always mean you can pull it off. Today People magazine released its "10 Best Dressed" list, and I've got to say, they've gathered together the cream of the crop. From Blake Lively to Kate Bosworth, these 10 women really know how to put an outfit together. Not to mention, they're all drop-dead gorgeous. Can you feel my jealousy radiating through the interwebs?

But there's one very important fashionista missing from the group, and frankly, I'm surprised they left her out. 


Here are the women the magazine did include:

1. Blake Lively, the risk taker

2. Jennifer Lopez, the rule breaker

3. Mila Kunis, the glamour girl

4. Jennifer Aniston, the minimalist

5. Jennifer Hudson, the bombshell

6. Jessica Alba, the maternity clotheshorse

7. Kate Middleton, the tastemaker

8. Kate Bosworth, the jean queen

9. Ginnifer Goodwin, the hipster

10. Reese Witherspoon, the American classic

Some pretty good choices, right? I don't know exactly where they were going with the word "tastemaker" to describe Kate Middleton, but that's a whole other post entirely. So who is the leading lady People skipped over?


Hear me out: I know sometimes Gaga can be a little bit gimmick-y. She's certainly worn her fair share of questionable items, from the whole egg shebang to that shower curtain getup earlier this summer. But Gaga pushes boundaries and, in doing so, exudes a confidence that isn't easily matched. That confidence in fashion is what make her a style icon. While her clothing choices are a bit wacky, she always really goes for it and is always put together ... even if her definition of "put together" is making sure the spikes on her shoulder pads match the ones on her stilettos.

If I had to pick a person for Gaga to replace on their list, I'd have to choose J. Lo. Think about it: When was the last time we saw Lopez "break rules"? I'm pretty sure her style, although cute, is more chic than risky. Gaga dressing up as a biker version of Mary Magdalene, however? Now that's taking a risk.

Who would be on your celebrity 10 best dressed list?


Image via AshleyCooper/Flickr, jerine/Flickr

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