Angelina Jolie's Clutch Might Get Her Arrested (PHOTO)

angelina jolie and brad pittAngelina Jolie is a beautiful woman. But I can't really say that I look to her for style inspiration. I mean, yeah, she always kills it on the red carpet -- how could she not? But it's not like any of her slinky, sexy dresses are cutting-edge or ground-breaking. And it's also not like any of us non-famous people can ever actually wear said gowns anywhere. As for her off-duty clothing -- well, it's kind of meh, also. There seems to be a whole lot of black pants, black shirts, and ballet flats in her repertoire -- and that's totally fine! But it's not exactly riveting stuff.

But then Angie pulled something out the other night while at the Moneyball premiere. Something so amazing. Something so sexy. Something I've never seen before. And it was all in the form of a clutch bag.

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angelina jolie clutch bag

Boom! A medium-sized gold clutch with a handcuff-like chain connecting it to her wrist. Amazeballs. It's innovative -- never seen a clutch like that before; it's practical -- won't lose it; and it's sexy as all hell -- looks like she's some sort of international spy who just broke out of prison or something. Classic Angie.

After a little digging I found that the bag is by Louis Vuitton, and it's called the Lockit PM Devotion clutch. It comes in a few different textures and patterns -- like the gold one above, a classic LV-labeled one, and an alligator version that will run you a cool $15,000. So, no, we won't be buying it.

But the good news is, Angelina really brought something, fashion-wise, to the table. And there's bound to be a Forever 21 version that crops up sooner or later.

Do you like Angelina's bag?


Images via Jason Merritt/Getty

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