Lady Gaga's Latest 'Lady Parts' Wardrobe Malfunction Was No Accident

lady gaga frontslit dress wardrobe malfunctionAh, Lady Gaga has done it again! Not broken records for album sales or released a mind-blowing music video. Nope, this week, she traipsed around in a crazy, "devil"-looking red dress, front-slit all the way up to her lady parts. And, whoops, she ended up flashing the paparazzi a lot more than usual, or even more than that last time with her breasts. And, oh boy, we can conclude now that Gaga probably has some kind of piercing "down there." Yeah, it's a little gross, but I'm actually not convinced that a.) she's gonna walk away all that scarred by this incident, and b.) she didn't actually orchestrate it herself!

See, our gal Stef likes to toy with the media that hasn't let go of the whole "Does she have a penis or not?" meme. All you have to do is refer back to the beginning of her "Telephone" video.


You know, when she gets thrown in a jail cell wearing nothing more than a fishnet body stocking, and the guards comment, "See, I told you she didn't have a d--k." Then, of course, she has the whole Jo Calderone "gender-bending" act, which pokes fun at the "is she or isn't she a man?" ridiculousness. This red dress "wardrobe malfunction" could have just been her way of teasing us about all of that, especially after she played Jo at the VMAs, and we all expected her to change into something more like this dress halfway through the show.

Even if my little conspiracy theory isn't true, it wasn't exactly an accident in the way that fashion faux pas has been for other stars. This incident isn't going to scathe Gaga the way it would other stars who really have endured the completely unplanned coochie flash. That's because she can always use the fallback excuse of, "It was avant-garde fashion's fault!" It's how she gets away with falling in those crazy backwards heels she wears. I mean, really, how can she be to blame when she's just trying to wear her own art and PERFORM, living "halfway between reality and fantasy" 24/7/365?!  

Sure, overall, what happened here is kinda embarrassing -- at least, not something Gaga should really be proud of necessarily. But I have a feeling the Mother Monster -- and anyone following her -- will be over it and on to the next thing in nanoseconds.

Do you think the wardrobe malfunction could have been intentional?


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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