Lindsay Lohan Falls Off the Wagon at Fashion Week

lindsay lohanForget the Kardashians, it's hard to keep up with Lindsay Lohan. One minute she's in rehab turning her life around, the next she's hosting house parties wearing her ankle monitor. This week the 25-year-old star has been attending New York Fashion Week, and naturally, drama was in tow. Ostensibly, LiLo was there to check out the wares and maybe get some ideas for awards season nights out on the town, but it seems like all she was really interested in is causing a scene.

I mean, not that I was there, because I wasn't. I just live vicariously through the cool kids who get invited to fashion week parties ... fashion week parties where Lindsay Lohan loses her sh*t and starts calling innocent bystanders very, very dirty, very dirty, extremely dirty, dirty names.


At a party downtown celebrating Nine West's collaboration with designer Karen Elson, a writer for The New York Times fashion blog called The Cut was on hand to observe LiLo in her natural habitat -- a party. When the writer tried to squeeze by Lindsay in the crowded room, apparently Lindsay told her, "Don't be a c*nt." Honestly, I think I would shave one eyebrow to hear Lindsay Lohan call me the "C" word.

Shivers. That's freaking fantastic.

Lindsay's certainly been on a bender this week. From getting a photographer kicked out of Cynthia Rowley's fashion show to showing off some serious boobage in a low cut dress to yelling at a photog at said downtown party to delete his pictures to calling a fellow party-goer the "C" word to denying her sister's gotten plastic surgery to looking downright drunk half the time, Lindsay seems to have not only fallen off the wagon at Fashion Week, but has been dragged behind the wagon in muddy puddles filled with vodka and Valium.

Which, you know, is kind of a shame. Lindsay is a gorgeous woman with a great sense of style ... had she approached Fashion Week cleanly, maybe she could've turned her whole image around. Had she shown up in pretty dresses, trendy rompers, and fashionable makeup, we'd all love her again, and only remember the good (Mean Girls) and forget the bad (uh, everything else).

Are you surprised by Lindsay's actions at Fashion Week?

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